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About Us

One of the sources of the House of Medici’s untold fortune in Florence was their control over the production of unique paints which could be used by various fabric manufacturers. Saturated reds of catholic bishop clothes, outfit colors belonging to important nobles and rich merchants, all made with the raw mineral materials production of which was entirely in the hands of Medici bankers.

The famous fabrics have conquered the European markets and the rest of the world. This was the foundation of Italian fashion which is still to this day setting trends in development of clothing, accessories, designs for various household items and decorations.

The House of Medici wasn’t just a family of famous bankers but also patrons firmly associated with the Renaissance. Medici’s patronage of artists, architects, and sculptors is directly responsible for the creation of modern Florence as we know it as well as cultural enrichment of Europe that is still fascinating and alluring to endless amounts of tourists interested in coming to see this family’s cultural work.

Inspired by their legacy we are set to keep some of these traditions and cement them in our work that we will continue developing in the future, guided by these principles. Talent and artistry must be available to everyone. Through manufacturing of our products we want to give opportunities to talented artists, designers, sculptors to express themselves and share their work with the world.

Our first step is the creation of silk scarves. We have spent a long time meticulously selecting the only Italian manufacturer we felt capable of advanced technological production of the high quality we aim for. The combination of high production quality and artistic talent of our artists, the first of which is Anton Oxenuk, one of five sons in the founding Oxenuk family, who created our first collections, we believe is going to be gifting every woman a sense of deep personal satisfaction from owning a unique creation that we put so much of ourselves to help bringing it to life.

We will continue working tirelessly on creation of new collections, new visions for our creations, each of which will be a piece of art that is close nearby.

President JennyOx Inc. 

Evgeniya Oxenuk 

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